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About Us

In response to our customers’ demands we have developed three offers of car rental services:

  • car rental for driving within the territory of Latvia;
  • car rental for driving within the territory of Baltic States;
  • car rental service outside the territory of Baltic States; the offer is delivered upon request.


The rental service includes:

  • car rental;
  • tyres appropriate for the season;
  • regular maintenance of our vehicles;
  • our cars are provided with clean interior and exterior;
  • vehicles in our car park are not older than 4 years;
  • OCTA insurance;
  • KASKO insurance (with self responsibility 430 EUR, depending on the chosen vehicle group).


The rental service excludes:

  • any damage caused to the interior and exterior of the vehicle resulting from improper use by the Hirer (for example, tyre burn-out, clutch problems and similar faults);
  • cleaning of the exterior and interior of the vehicle if  returned in a dirty condition;
  • cases when KASKO car insurance is denied (for example, drunk driving, disrespect for the traffic rules etc.);
  • self responsibility for the KASKO in the amount of EUR 430 is the Renter’s sole liability;
  • damaged interior of the car or objects within the interior of the car (for example, first aid kit, high visibility vest, hazard warning triangle, fire extinguisher etc.);
  • see the Rental Agreement for more details on specific occasions or ask to the staff in the car rental.


We entered the car rental market not so long time ago, but we hope and believe that our services will meet the expectations of our customers.


We are working in your favour, and in order to improve the quality of our rental services we will appreciate objective feedback and recommendations from you.