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Rental agent will contact with you about the availability of the car!

The rental service includes:

  • car rental;
  • Unlimited Kilometres for ALL car groups;
  • tyres appropriate for the season;
  • regular maintenance of our vehicles;
  • our cars are provided with clean interior and exterior;
  • vehicles in our car park are not older than 4 years;
  • OCTA insurance;
  • Local Taxes;
  • KASKO insurance (the deductible from EUR 430, depending on the chosen vehicle group).


What You'll Need To Take:

  • An international driving licence is required if the licence is printed with non Roman Alphabet.


The rental service excludes:

  • any damage caused to the interior and exterior of the vehicle resulting from improper use by the Hirer (for example, tyre burn-out, clutch problems and similar faults);
  • cleaning of the exterior and interior of the vehicle if  returned in a dirty condition;
  • cases when KASKO car insurance is denied (for example, drunk driving, disrespect for the traffic rules etc.);
  • the deductible for the KASKO in the amount of EUR 430 is the Renter’s sole liability;
  • damaged interior of the car or objects within the interior of the car (for example, first aid kit, high visibility vest, hazard warning triangle, fire extinguisher etc.);
  • see the Rental Agreement for more details on specific occasions or ask to the staff in the car rental.
  • out of Hours Fees
  • one Way Fees (where applicable)
  • additional extras requested at time of booking or purchased locally (for example child seats);
  • fines, Toll Fees & Parking Charges.;
  • fuel.


* Prices for domestic services controlled by the lease company and are subject to change without notice.


Make your trip comfortable!

Aditional driver +20,00 EUR
Navigation system + 0,00 EUR
Cold box + 12,00 EUR
Child seat + 0,00 EUR